A Daughter Returns with Memories in Art by Bernice Steinhardt
Gazeta – Winter 2015

Humanities: The Magazine of the National Endowment for the Humanities A Memory of Survival
November/December 2013
by Anna Maria Gillis.

Baltimore Sun : Holocaust tapestries at AVAM help explore the nature of narrative
October 04, 2012
by Mary Carole McCauley – Around the Mall : Through the Eye of the Needle: Views of the Holocaust at Ripley Center
November 28, 2011
by Joseph Stromberg

KUHF Radio: The Front Row : Through the Eye of the Needle
Interview with Bruce Steinhardt
August 17, 2007
by Catherine Lu & Chris Johnson : A Stitch in Time
May 01, 2007
by Tessa DeCarlo

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution : Stitch by stitch, Holocaust unfolds
March 25, 2007
by Catherine Fox

Jewish News Weekly of Northern California : Survivor’s quilts tell story of Holocaust
November 24, 2006
by Joe Eskenazi

The Washington Post : A Survivor’s Poignant Patchwork of Memories;
Esther Krinitz Told Her Story in Needlework

May 10, 2001
by Megan Rosenfeld