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Through the Eye of the Neeedle – The Art of Esther Nisenthal Krinitz

A Film by Nina Shapiro-Perl
An Art and Remembrance Production


Exact Running Time: 29 min, 45 seconds

Date of Completion: October 2011

Awards and Screenings:

Exhibition Formats:

  • DVD – NTSC – Widescreen (16:9) with optional English or Spanish subtitles
  • BluRay – Widescreen (16:9) with optional English subtitles
  • DVD – PAL – Widescreen (16:9)
  • HD-Cam (with cc) *
  • Beta-SP (letterbox or anamorphic) *
  • QuickTime – high resolution, 798.8 Mb digital file – h.264 compression (DVD, thumb drive or download **) with or without English subtitles

Screening Fee: $200 for a single showing and $50 per each additional showing. (Discounts may be available for small audiences and special situations.)

Supplemental Materials:

  • Press Kit with still photos (300 pixels/inch), brochure and web-optimized film poster (72 pixel/inch jpg) – download from
  • Film Poster – 24” x 36” – 23.9 Mb high-res PDF file for local printing (free download) or customizable (for fee)
  • 3-Minute Preview/Trailer – YouTube, Quicktime or MP4 or looping DVD
  • Bookmarks
  • Award-winning Book: Memories of Survival by Esther Nisenthal Krinitz and Bernice Steinhardt and Through the Eye of the Needle DVD for resale at 50% wholesale discount from Art and Remembrance

Speakers:  Krinitz’s daughters, grandchildren or the filmmaker may be available depending on date and location. (Travel expenses requested, if necessary.)

*  Return Deposit required for tapes.
**  Playback from a computer hard drive to avoid skips.

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