Hilos de la Vida – Threads of Life
A Collection of Quilts & Stories

by Molly Johnson Martinez and Anderson Valley Artists
Soft Cover Book – $20.00
Book + DVD Combo – $30.00

Book $20.00 + S&H
Book + DVD Combo
$30.00 + S&H

Los Hilos De La Vida Book




It only takes a glimpse to realize that this 84 page book is a treasure. Its pages are brimming over with an abundance of color, a feast for the eyes that documents the quilts, the artistic product of some of the women and children of the Anderson Valley.

Hilos de la Vida is a beautiful full color collection of quilts and stories, each one a unique expression of diverse styles. One would not need to read a single word to enjoy its content, but for the reader who wants to go deeper accompanying the quilts there are passionate stories of birthing, the death of a loved one, childhood memories and hopes for the future. Above all, there are abundant references to the lives of undocumented people – fear and the presence of death when crossing the border, the immigrant’s dream for a better tomorrow, and the nostalgia for the family and country left behind.

Visit the Hilos de la Vida Gallery to sample some of the art and stories.